-1 from me. How is this any less work than merging, especially with git rerere?

Can we please keep 5.9 open until we have at least released 5.11.0?

I really don't want to get into a situation where we have bug fixes on 5.9 and 5.11 but not 5.10.2 say.

Once 5.10 is properly closed then fine, move to a cherry pick approach for 5.9 but right now, especially for Qt 3D we have some important bug fixes landing on 5.9 than can be merged forward (with the help of git rerere) but for which cherry picking would be more awkward and also risk missing 5.10.2 if there is one.



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The item that has received comments both in favor and against is what to do
with 5.10 now. I think that instead of closing 5.10, we could move it to cherry
pick mode, just like Qt 5.9 is. That allows putting the necessary fixes there, 
reduces the amount of needed merges a lot. It also allows to faster get all the
fixes merged up to dev, which is something we have struggled in the past.

With this approach we have full capability to make Qt 5.10.2 release, if one is
needed. We also continue to make Qt 5.9.x patch releases. We would have two
branches open for direct submission: 5.11 and dev, and for each commit the
lowest applicable branch can be chosen. For all such important fixes that need
to be in Qt 5.9.x LTS releases or in the 5.10 branch, we use cherry picking.

This is OK for me as well so +1 from my side

- Jani
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