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Hello, what happened to the qdds image plugin?
I found the note in the docs: "For security reasons, the Direct Draw Surface (DDS) handler is not built by default since Qt 5.8" but could not find any open issues.
Does anyone know what are those "security reasons"?

The usual amount of parsing a file without doing bounds checks, so making the user vulnerable to crashes / code execution / overflows and the like.

What need to be done to return the plugin to the default build?

Build it yourself; as far as I know it's still shipped as part of qtimageformats.

Apart from the quality of the implementation, there is close to zero reasons to use DDS as an image format plugin in Qt: a DDS file represents a texture, not an image (so the generic access through QImageReader isn't enough), and QImage can't represent the formats that you can store in a DDS anyhow.

Note that the above has nothing to do with DDS support in Qt3D, which has never used the image format plugin.

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