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On Wednesday, 8 August 2018 23:39:16 PDT Alex Blasche wrote:
> That is the current approach and it does not work or scale. Between
> branching time and release time is a fairly long time. By then the x.y
> branch contains already x.y.(z+1) fixes (assuming the latest release branch
> is x.y.z). It is a big pita going through the issues figuring out which is
> where. I tried this for some time and found it a waste of time.
>> A better approach might be to have some flag in the gerrit/git system that
>> announces that the last merge for x.y.z was done. The script could then
>> automatically mark fixes targeting the x.y branch as x.y.(z+1)

>Why can't the renaming in JIRA be done at that exact time? That way, we
>wouldn't get a mass update of tasks with the version changed.

It can and it should probably be done by the release manager. We have never 
consistently done it so far though.

I find an automated version much cleaner and scalable. Hence my hope fregl can 
pick this up.


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