On 19.09.2016 13:26, MikeB wrote:
> The ubuntu-device-flash command is no longer available, so I'm
> transitioning to building custom ubuntu-core images using ubuntu-image.
> I have a dumb syntax question... in the assertion file, what is the
> syntax for using a local (i.e. not fetched from the store) kernel snap? 
> I tried both relative and absolute paths to my custom kernel snap and
> keep getting errors from 'prepare-image'.

The "kernel" field in the model assertion does not accept a file path.
You have to specify the name of the snap (e.g. what you put in your
snapcraft.yaml name: field). Then you can provide the kernel snap via
the --extra-snaps parameter to ubuntu-image. ubuntu-image will then not
try to fetch the kernel snap from the store but take your local one.

Btw. there is upcoming documentation of this process at


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