I'm trying to generate a custom Ubuntu-Core OS for a network switch
whitebox from DNI.

I'm building a custom kernel snap using the latest snapcraft, et. al. - I
needed to patch a couple kernel files, but mostly the customization are
config changes.  The snap was built with confinement:strict, grade:devel

I'm using ubuntu-image (Version 0.5+mvo10 Rev 17)  to generate the image.

The assertion file:
type: model
authority-id: TBD
series: 16
brand-id: TBD
model: canonical-pc-amd64
gadget: pc
kernel: deltanetworks-l9032nxb-kernel
architecture: amd64
timestamp: 2016-09-19T8:30:00-04:00
revision: 0
body-length: 0

The first problem is that once I boot the system and install the
hello-world snap, then reboot, the snapd is unable to start up.  So no more
access to snaps.

I've had this problem before and fixed it by using the ubuntu-core from the
regular channel rather than the edge.  However, when I leave out the '-c
edge' from ubuntu-image, it fails trying to fetch the gadget.

The second problem is that firstboot setup fails every time.

I see this message in the syslog...

error: cannot create state: state "/var/lib/snapd/state.json" already exists

The third problem is I see 'Failed to start Notify bootloader that boot was

I see this message in the syslog...

error: cannot downgrade: snapd is too old for the current system state
(patch level 4)

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks, Mike
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