Am Montag, den 10.10.2016, 15:55 -0400 schrieb Barry Warsaw:
> On Oct 07, 2016, at 11:55 AM, Oliver Grawert wrote:
> > 
> > does it include my "WIGGLEROOM" patch from [1] or a properly
> > crafted
> > cmdline option to achieve the same, so we can define the extra
> > space
> > needed for kvm images ?
> It doesn't, but I'd like to find a better way to specify additional
> padding,
> especially because we've already got a hard-coded hack to add 8MiB to
> the
> rootfs.  We also add an additional 50% in the calculation.  I don't
> like hacks
> upon hacks. ;)

what is the justification to waste 50% when we resize anyway before the
first boot, this doesnt make much sense (it makes the download cost
higher, dd (a lot) slower, etc)

IMHO we should either make the image the exact size we need or take a
user supplied size from an option for setups where it makes sense
(cloud, VM).

and yes, i'd prefer a properly crafted cmdline option here indeed, but
today i need to use this patch to actually provide kvm images that
users do not need to resize manually before booting, so getting
something upstream in a not to far future would be good and prevent me
from having to use my own patched ubuntu-image snap to produce dailies.


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