Freenet 0.7.5 build 1480 is now available. [overview]

- Ship new Windows Installer and Tray
- Update Freemail to v0.2.7.3-r2

Thank you for using Freenet!

I hope everything here worked - if something went wrong, please write that!

I fear that the new installer and tray might not have been shipped
successfully. If that is the case, please say so as fast as possible.

If it did ship successfully, then this was the last release from
master and I can finally focus on getting to next and gradle.

Changes in 1480:

- Ship new Windows Installer and Tray
- Update Freemail version to v0.2.7.3-r2

- Arne Babenhauserheide

--- wintray

Stephen Oliver (31):
      Update NuGet packages to newest .NET 4.0 versions
      Allow VS to update the version listed in designer files
      Add logging class to facilitate debug logging separate from NLog
      Add a common base class for browsers
      Initialize FNLog at launch
      Add class for finding the best available JRE
      Determine which wrapper binary to use based on the available JREs
      Add MissingJRE to list of thrown exceptions in comment
      Use FNLog in NodeController
      Use FNLog in BrowserUtil
      Use FNLog in CommandsMenu
      Add browser class for Edge
      Convert InternetExplorer to a Browser subclass
      Convert Chrome to a Browser subclass
      Add support for finding 64-bit Opera browser
      Convert Opera to a Browser subclass
      Convert Firefox registry search code to use explicit hives & views
      Add Firefox fallback search paths
      Convert Firefox to Browser subclass, use registry views and add fallback
      Add appveyor configuration
      Always set/delete startup arguments in the 32-bit registry view
      Set autorun config to match what the installer was already doing
      Migrate preferences from older assembly versions at launch
      Remove reference to System.Deployment
      Add Linux/Windows build instructions to readme
      Fix inverted null check reported by Coverity
      Check native registry view for Windows version
      Fix static analysis warning

--- wininstaller-innosetup

Arne Babenhauserheide (freenet releases) (1):
      commit wintray v1.2.0.0 built from commit id 

Stephen Oliver (20):
      Add current 32-bit and 64-bit Java 8 installers
      Check for and install the correct 32-bit or 64-bit JRE as needed
      Remove older 32-bit Java installer
      Prevent setup from being run multiple times in parallel
      Add comment about the auto run being in the 32-bit registry
      Update 32/64-bit wrappers from our CI build, tag v3.5.32
      Never write to wrapper.conf unless the file doesn't exist
      Add comment about 64-bit .NET installer writing 32-bit registry keys
      Update FreenetTray from tag v1.0.1.0-fix64-test1
      Deploy FreenetTray config with the binary
      Deploy 64-bit wrapper files during installation
      Prevent re-installation, offer to run update.cmd instead
      Bump installed version to most recent at current date
      Add/update full set of current fred plugins
      Update seednodes file from current
      Update fred to release build01478
      Revert "Never write to wrapper.conf unless the file doesn't exist"
      Add appveyor config
      Always set autorun registry key, tray app will add/remove it as needed
      Remove comment about registry key views for the autorun key

Arne Babenhauserheide (freenet releases) (2):
      Update default bookmark editions
      Build 1480

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