Hi devs.

This vote is about enabling notifications about "page" events (create,
update, delete, comment) by default, for both notification menu and emails.
I think it is important since watchlist is replaced by notifications in the
next version. If the user does not enable it, then even if there is a
bridge between the watchlist preferences and the notifications, she won't
receive emails anymore.

Moreover, it makes this feature more discoverable (for sure!).

Here is my +1.


PS: my plan was initially to have it for 10.1RC1 and 9.11.3. Regarding the
time-frame, I'm not sure we can do it for 10.1RC1. So either we do it for
10.1 final or 10.2RC1.

Guillaume Delhumeau (guillaume.delhum...@xwiki.com)
Research & Development Engineer at XWiki SAS
Committer on the XWiki.org project

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