Hi devs,

In October / November of last year, we integrated the Keypress JS
library as a replacement of OpenJS Keyboard in order to better handle
keyboard shortcuts in the platform and its extensions and add new
shortcut types (such as "sequence" shortcuts) useful for [1].

Moving to this library has also brought some bugs, such as XWIKI-15024
[2]. Currently, that bug can be fixed upstream by the library
maintainer, that unfortunately isn't very active on the project.
Choosing a library that isn't properly maintained might have been a
problem that we didn't really thought of when switching to Keypress JS.

In order not to be stuck by waiting for upstream releases, I propose
that we fork the library, and fix the problem raised by XWIKI-15024
ourselves by reviewing and integrating a patch proposed upstream, but
not yet merged [3]. Of course this solution has pros and cons, the main
downside being that we will need to maintain our fork.

Also note that, if we fork the project, we will have to choose either to
keep the source code in its original form (which is CoffeeScript [4]) or
to translate the code into JavaScript, which is more maintainable for
us, but that will probably not allow us to integrate other patches from
the official project branch.



[2] https://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI-15024
[3] https://github.com/dmauro/Keypress/pull/137
[4] http://coffeescript.org/

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