> On 12 Mar 2018, at 12:10, Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) <vali...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 1:03 PM, Vincent Massol <vinc...@massol.net> wrote:
>> Hi Caty,
>>> On 28 Feb 2018, at 17:41, Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) <vali...@gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi devs,
>>> Here is a proposal for improving the drag&drop area for attachments and
>>> having bulk actions in order to rapidly delete or download multiple
>>> attachments:
>>> http://design.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Proposal/IdeaBulkAttachments
>> Nice.
>> Some comments:
>> * I think I’d prefer a drop down menus to select the actions to do when
>> selecting one or several attachments (instead of icons put next to each
>> other)
> Yeap, that is also a solution. I've listed the actions now in order to be
> consistent with Comments tab actions + we don't have that many for now, but
> adding more actions needs we switch to a dropdown.
>> * I don’t like too much the “Attachments” heading since the Tab is already
>> about “Attachments”.
>> * From a technical implementation POV, I think we should use a styled LT
>> so that we can benefit from:
>> ** filtering
>> ** pagination (and allow supporting lots of attachments attached to a page)
>> ** multi-select feature of the LT (when we implement it).
> Well depends if we really want this dependency for all cases. Livetable is
> kind of heavy as a component. Yes, it brings benefits, but also lots of
> unwanted things. We don't use a livetable either in History. Not sure if
> this is because of performance or because they haven't been revised in a
> while.

We need it too there IMO :)

By “heavy” you probably mean UI-heavy. But we can style it to make it 
lightweight. We can even imagine showing the LT tool bar (with the filter 
fields and pagination only when mouse hovering over it or something like that, 
or a dropdown button to click to get to see the bar).

I think we need to rationalize our work and make it a UI component we can use 
everywhere there’s a potentially important list of items.


> Thanks for you feedback,
> Caty
>> In other words, I would work on the LT multi-action feature and use it for
>> attachments.
>> WDYT?
>> Thanks
>> -Vincent
>>> Thanks,
>>> Caty

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