Hi devs,

* I lost the config on ci.xwiki.org to push maven results to sonar.xwiki.org. I 
can find them back for sure but will take me a bit of time.
* We don’t use sonar.xwiki.org that much
* We now have https://sonarcloud.io/organizations/xwiki/projects to which we 
can push results from our builds
* https://sonarcloud.io/organizations/xwiki/projects is always up to date in 
term of sonar version and we don’t need to maintain it

So my proposal is to decommission sonar.xwiki.org and to configure 
https://sonarcloud.io/organizations/xwiki/projects the way we want (I already 
did that a bit but we can tune it more) and modify our maven build to push to 



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