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 Subject: [A12n-forum] [IFLA-L] Open Road 2006 - Call for papers

Open Road 2006 Conference: Challenges and Possibilities

Call for papers

Melbourne, Australia
6 - 7 February 2006

Submissions due: 30th September, 2005

Contact: bwacek AT


Third conference in the Open Road series, Open Road 2006 will be a major 
two day conference presented in partnership with Vicnet, a division of 
the State Library of Victoria and Victorian Office of Multicultural 
Affairs, department of Victorian Communities.

The conference will address the challenges and possibilities of 
providing access to and development of content and web services within a 
multilingual environment. The conference will have particular focus on 
the access to and provision of translated information by government 
departments and agencies, community organisations and non-government 


Day 1

We invite the submission of papers on all aspects of multilingual public 
internet access services and electronic multicultural library services, 
including, but not limited to:

· Information needs of migrants and refugees
· IT needs of new and emerging communities
· Information literacy within a multilingual environment
· Multilingual resource discovery issues
· Trends in the provision of multilingual public internet access services
· End user training, with special reference to language specific 
training needs
of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities
· Use of interpreters within public training programs
· Linguistic rights and the promotion of multilingualism within cyberspace
· Public access issues for translated government information.
· Engagement with and use the internet by CALD communities.

Day 2

We invite the submission of papers on all aspects of multilingual public 
internet access services and electronic multicultural library services, 
including, but not limited to:

· (X)HTML Internationalization.
· ASP.Net Internationalization.
· XML Internationalization.
· Bilingual and multilingual metadata.
· Development of multilingual digital libraries.
· Resource discovery and translated government information.
· Accessibility within a multilingual environment.
· Technological needs of ethnic community web publishing projects.
· IT options and solutions for pre-literate communities.
· Technical infrastructure, issues and solutions for online translated
government and community information.


Papers should be submitted by email as either MS Word or OpenOffice 
documents. Submissions should be emailed to bwacek AT 
before the close of business on the 30th September, 2005.

Presentations on Day 1 of the conference are 30 minutes. Presentations 
on Day 2 are either one hour or 30 minutes in length.

Provide a cover sheet that provides the following information:
 Name and contact email address and telephone number of the presenter
 Names of additional authors
 Title of presentation
 Abstract (no more than 500 words)
 Brief bio of authors (no more than 200 words each)
 Indicate preferred day of conference, and preferred length of 


Paper submission: 30th September, 2005
Notification of acceptance: 7th October, 2005
Conference: 6th-7th February 2006


Contact bwacek AT or phone +61-3-8664-7046 for further

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