This may be off topic, but here I go anyway...

Back in the school days, I joked that the Halting Problem is actually
easy to solve with a Turing Machine. Since a Turing Machine is a
theoretical device that exists only in our imagination, we can just
suppose that it is infinitely fast. So, we simply have to load our
program in the machine and run it. If the machine doesn't stop
immediately, it means that it will run forever.

And what does this have to do with DMD?

Well, I kinda have the same feeling when using it. For my ~10kloc
project, I still haven't felt a real need to use a real build system.
I just dmd *.d. If any measurable time passes without any error
message appearing in the console, I know that my compiled successfully
(and it is the linker that is running now).

BTW, 10kloc is not such a large codebase, but this is with DMD 2.063
anyhow, before those improvents ;-)


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