On 7/30/13 4:10 AM, JS wrote:
It depends on the audience, but to write an article that is informal
then use a very formal definition of speed is just begging for problems.

It's hard for me to really imagine that lines is a measurement of
distance and speed is lines per second... but even if I allow this I
don't understand why it is a better metric than just time alone(even
though it is equivalent mathematically it is a convoluted approach).

If a compiler can compile n lines per second, is that really all that
useful as a direct measurement? Are you saying I have to go count the
lines of code in my program? Do I count empty lines? commented lines?
etc... Why don't you just give me the most direct answer?

Time is really all that matters, everything else is just obfuscation.

This is wrong on many levels.


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