On Wednesday, 13 March 2013 at 16:20:08 UTC, D-ratiseur wrote:
Hello, I'd like to introduce the "Unmanaged" framework.
It's a OOP library, strongly inspired by the Delphi/Pascal RTL.

Its main concept is to bypass the GC. From this statement, the library feaures:
- main unmanaged object and memory routines
- a parameterized list
- an ownership system (used to automate the destroying of object)
- a parentship system
- a serialization system...
- etc work in progress.

This library is developped in the same time I learn D, but comming from Delphi, it's inspired by its class system (but it's not a copy at all). Unmanaged is tested under win32 an linux64. Basic build scripts are provided for both systems and code review are welcome.

you can track the project on github:



Hello, I've re-written it. Now It's called LLClasses (low level classes).


The serialization is more powerfull :
- it's able to store reference to an object via an ID
- an object can be serialized if it implements an interface

The concept is still the same: KIS (keep it simple).

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