Hi everyone,

I am working on some D-based project that needs to call and serve XML-RPC procedures with multiple output parameters. Quick lookaround revealed that:
1. There are no XML-RPC servers implemented in D, or wrapped in D;
2. There are some simple XML-RPC clients, but no one supports methods with multiple output parameters.

So I decided to write ultimate XML-RPC library that could follow XML-RPC standard as close as ... well, as I could manage it. :)

Grab your copy here: https://github.com/pavel-kirienko/xmlrpc-d

D's compile-time introspection is utterly amazing, it enables such features as automatic conversion of a value which type is not known at compile-time to something predefined. This makes possible to define XML-RPC methods in the simplest way possible (as regular functions), all the boring job of turning the function parameters into XML-RPC types and vice versa is carried out by compiler with the help of the Variant type:

real multiply(real a, real b) { return a * b; }

Which also makes possble such weird things like that:

// multiply() expects two arguments of type 'real' and returns 'real',
// but we call it with strings:
string ret = client.call!("multiply", string)("6", "9");

Take a look into the 'example' directory on the Github page to see more examples.

It is worth to mention that this is my first project in D - I was concurrently studying "The D Programming Language" by Andrei Alexandrescu (great book Andrei!), thus the code may need some review.

Good luck with your projects,

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