On 2013-09-03 00:20, Brian Schott wrote:

That's something that the editor plugin can call on shutdown. DCD pretty
much requires that the editor support scripting.

I was looking in to adding this to TextMate. But the easiest solution would most likely be using bundles. In TextMate that's basically a script that gets executed when a hotkey is pressed. I mean, I can't really start and stop the sever each time the users press that key.

TextMate supports plugins as well, kind of. But it's quite cumbersome to write. I hasn't a real API, one uses method swizzling and observers to implement a plugin. It's a lot easier now when TextMate 2 is open source.

It also seems a bit unnecessary to have the server running as soon as the user opens TextMate. He/she might not even use the editor for D this time.

/Jacob Carlborg

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