On 2013-09-01 12:58, Brian Schott wrote:
* What is it?
DCD is a client and server program that work together to provide
autocomplete suggestions and function call tips to almost any text
editor that supports scripting or plugins.

I'm thinking about adding support for this to TextMate. But as soon as one adds this to an editor a bunch of new issues appears, which I'm trying to figure out.

* When to start/stop the server. I'm, at least as a start, going to try and implement this as a bundle command and not a plugin. A bundle command basically is a script that is run when a key is pressed

* How to deal with import paths? TextMate doesn't have any kind of build configuration. I need to be able to specify, except for the current project, the path to the standard library and possibly paths for other projects. I have an idea how to do this, using custom keys in the project specific settings, but I'm wondering how this is solved in other editors.

* How to deal with multiple sessions/projects? Should I have one server running per session/project? Say I have two different projects, both with the symbol "foo.bar". I don't want those to cause conflicts.

/Jacob Carlborg

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