Hi everyone,

I think announcing a new Mono-D release on all operating systems
over here might be handy, as I redently wasn't able to figure out
how to build a version that is compatible to the stable MD's API,
which led me to a phase of striking against releasing a new one
on windows..but anyway, now I found a way to get it fixed, and
here it is:


Further info & update instructions:

Issues/Bugs/Feature requests:
https://github.com/aBothe/D_Parser/issues -- Completion/Editing
https://github.com/aBothe/Mono-D/issues -- Building/Project

There's a working GDB addin for Mono-D under Linux/Mac(?) now:

Are there any plans/tricks/hacks on how to get programs built
with dmd debuggable with gdb? Then we also could release the
addin for Windows as well!
(Afaik I asked the same question some time ago, but well, perhaps
something did change over the time :-))


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