On 22/10/2013 16:59, Manu wrote:
...okay. Ignore me!
You said "GCC _is able_ to emit COFF object code", which didn't make it
sound like it did, or at least not by default. Which seemed to match my
experience (from years ago).
I recall a conversation with Daniel Green about making a special
COFF-outputting toolchain for me.
So what debuginfo is in there then? MS link.exe seemed to ignore it.

So, you are saying that GDC does output COFF by default? And is
debuggable by gdb?
I'm thoroughly confused now, this seems to contradict past experiences.
Apparently I've been smoking a lot of crack...

See my OP. It seems by default GDC outputs COFF object file format, but with DWARF debug info.

But whatever format it is, GDB understands it quite well, that is for sure. GDC+GDB was the main configuration I tested when I was updating the Debuggers wiki page and see what kind of support there was.

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