On 2013-11-04 19:01, Walter Bright wrote:

Absolutely not. We just don't have a download package for it (this is
not a new development).

There are binaries for FreeBSD 32bit, but the dmd.conf file is still missing.

I've had a virtual machine setup at one point, but those things require
significant time to set up and to keep them from breaking (my virtual
machine setups all broke when I upgraded Ubuntu).

Personally I don't think it takes up so much time to setup, especially not for D development. Just keep the customizations and non-default packages to a minimum.

What I'd like is someone to become the "build master" who will get
Brad's autotester to automatically and routinely build each platform
install package.

This will also have the effect of better dealing with the constant
breakage of the scripts that build those packages.

Yeah, that would be nice.

/Jacob Carlborg

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