On 11/4/2013 11:46 PM, Jacob Carlborg wrote:
On 2013-11-04 21:01, Walter Bright wrote:

The libraries were not built correctly (my old machine runs out of
memory building them). FreeBSD users have needed to, for some time now,
fork/build to get it.

I don't understand, the binaries and Phobos are included in the zip

They aren't, actually. The 64 bit stuff isn't, and the 32 bit phobos is old.

(I haven't
verified that they work). But dmd.conf is not. Can't you include dmd.conf just
because your machine runs out of memory?

Heck, I had spent considerable time just trying to figure out *which*
virtual box to install. Each option came with a long list of caveats and
things that didn't work. Some would work with one OS, some with another,
the one I did download would kinda sorta work with NetBSD, but not
really, etc. Then, of course, was having it all wiped out by upgrading

I'm not sure I understand what you're meaning. If I want to install Ubuntu, I
just create a new virtual machine (using VirtualBox), download Ubuntu and makes
a default installation. If I want Fedora, I do the same thing but I download and
install Fedora instead.

NetBSD? We don't even support NetBSD.

The reason for that is I could never get NetBSD to run (either in a virtual box or on a spare machine).

For FreeBSD, just do the same thing,
download FreeBSD. Actually, for FreeBSD I installed PC-BSD instead. That will
include a GUI by default, making it basically just as easy to use as Ubuntu.

The only thing that I had some trouble with is cross-compiling. That is,
building 32bit on a 64bit machine.

It's not impossible to do. There's just a significant time sink involved
in figuring out which one to get, getting it installed, getting it
working, and keeping it working. It's actually easier to just buy
another machine.

I'm not going to argue. If you have trouble picking which ISO image to download
we can help you.

What's taking the most time for me is download the ISO and wait for the
installation. But I can do other things while waiting.

Why not volunteer to handle the FreeBSD package builds?

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