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If it should survive as an alternative, Jave should have

Not to mention that Google leaves to the developers the effort of creating the JNI wrappers themselves, instead of providing a nice C++ API for them.



That is a Java class full of native methods for calling into native code from Dalvik.

Now lets say you are doing a game, so NDK already provides the necessary C, C++, OpenGL libraries.

Do you want to use Renderscript for GPGPU code? Well if targeting Android versions lower than 4.4, you need to write the JNI bindings yourself.

Do you want to allow the players to share their games achievements via Google Play Game Services?

Then you need to write the JNI bindings yourself. But fear not, Google has made a video about it, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxI5bReatJw. Lets see if part 2 ever comes up.

If you need more than graphics, sound or sensors manipulation, then you need JNI.


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