Dylan Knutson, el 16 de December a las 23:03 me escribiste:
> On Monday, 16 December 2013 at 12:09:13 UTC, Leandro Lucarella
> wrote:
> >Yeah, and this approach of compiling the compilers, even when it
> >might
> >be useful, seems overkill and a bit abusive for Travis. I would
> >contact
> >those guys, maybe they are willing to add D support, I guess it
> >shouldn't be that hard.
> It's not quite that bad. The compilers are already built, I'm just
> pulling DMD down in the form of a .deb package, and extracting a
> pre-built LDC depending on the DC environment variable set.

Oh, OK, since the language was set to C++ I just assumed you were
compiling the compilers, then it seems pretty reasonable :)

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