On 12/29/13, Sönke Ludwig <slud...@outerproduct.org> wrote:
> DDOX [1] has just gained support for a JavaScript based live search
> function.
> [2]: http://vibed.org/temp/dlang.org/library/index.html

Nice! I have a few notes/suggestions:

- The result bubble should likely hide when you select another part of
the website (when you're not focused in on the search box). Otherwise
you're forced to delete your query just to see what's hiding behind
the result bubble (which can be very large).

- Is it possible to add walking through the list via UP/DOWN arrow
keys to select one of the URLs? I think this would be convenient to
have. It already sort-of works, but first you have to click on the
bubble with the mouse, and then you can use the Tab/Shift+Tab to walk
through the list.

- The search box should likely keep its value when you've clicked on a
link to be redirected to a new URL from within the result bubble. I
think it would at least be a convenient feature. But it's not a big
deal, I can see the result is saved by the browser when I go to the
previous page.

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