Am 29.12.2013 22:53, schrieb Andrej Mitrovic:
> On 12/29/13, Sönke Ludwig <> wrote:
>> DDOX [1] has just gained support for a JavaScript based live search
>> function.
>> [2]:
> Nice! I have a few notes/suggestions:
> - The result bubble should likely hide when you select another part of
> the website (when you're not focused in on the search box). Otherwise
> you're forced to delete your query just to see what's hiding behind
> the result bubble (which can be very large).
> - Is it possible to add walking through the list via UP/DOWN arrow
> keys to select one of the URLs? I think this would be convenient to
> have. It already sort-of works, but first you have to click on the
> bubble with the mouse, and then you can use the Tab/Shift+Tab to walk
> through the list.
> - The search box should likely keep its value when you've clicked on a
> link to be redirected to a new URL from within the result bubble. I
> think it would at least be a convenient feature. But it's not a big
> deal, I can see the result is saved by the browser when I go to the
> previous page.

Created a little meta-issue:

If anyone wants to get his/her hands dirty (which would be great), the
search code is at
resp. here when/if the pull request gets merged:

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