I just released a new version of DVM, 0.4.2. The biggest news for this release is that the source code has been ported to D2 and I'm bringing back support for 64bit platforms. Except from this it's mostly a minor release.

For pre-compiled binaries and changelog (or below) see: https://github.com/jacob-carlborg/dvm/releases/tag/v0.4.2

For those not familiar with DVM:

DVM allows you to easily download and install D compilers and manage different versions of the compilers.


Version 0.4.2
  New/Changed Features
   * Ported to D2
   * Add support for fetching the latest version of the compiler
   * Bring back support for 64bit

  Bugs Fixed
   * Fails to get the latest version of the compiler

/Jacob Carlborg

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