A couple of months ago I was handing out congratulations to Mike Wey on his splendid work in creating gtkd2.

I have had a good go at it since, and with a couple of small glitches along the way, it has been as close to flawless as I can imagine.

Anyway, I have got a long way down the road I've been following, but I'm getting close to the point where I need some help.

There's a very quick description of what I'm doing at http://britseyeview.com/compo/ - even that is not finished yet. But anyway, if anyone in the D community is interested, I could use some help with:

1) QA - on Debian based systems - I need people to break it.
2) Building on a recent version of Windows.
3) Advice on which repository to use for the source code.


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