On Monday, 13 January 2014 at 05:25:31 UTC, evilrat wrote:
after about half year i tried it again on OS X, and Mono-D is
quite good for  writing the code, but... the debug!!11

can we haz some GDB or LLDB(or both :)) support please? it
shouldn't be that hard porting linux code to OS X. it may already
doing something useful but it simply doesn't start...

I've got no OSX but erm, what tool is required to have lldb information generated? ldc2? On the other side, which tool is then required to get gdb debug info?

p.s. also, why at first launch it can't just fetch default phobos
location for DMD? it's quite annoying adding this paths in
settings and it may revolve unaware users from using it(like it
was for me about year ago).

Despite it's clearly explained in the set up guide it sounds quite reasonable to do this automatically, you're right.

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