On Wednesday, 22 January 2014 at 08:25:05 UTC, Jordi Sayol wrote:
I prefer:


because "2.65.0" and "2.65" are bigger than "2.65~rc1", regardless if "qualifier" number is present or not in final release version.

I think that, as much as possible, we should use exactly the same version string for all installers, zip, deb, rpm, dmg, etc. So if there is no problem on OSX, Windows, etc. I propose this versioning scheme:

#.#~b#  ==> 2.65~b1  // beta
#.#~rc# ==> 2.65~rc1 // release candidate
#.#.#   ==> 2.65.0   // initial release
#.#.#   ==> 2.65.1   // hotfix

Please, this has been discussed to death already. Nobody care what anybody prefers. Unless you have an actual reason to ask for a format change (fit better with current packaging systems for instance) please restrain yourself.

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