I'm planning to release a new debugger for D sometime during end of February. This is a heads up for all those who are eagerly looking for a good debugger for D.

Here is a sample debug session:

$ ./dbg ./dbg
New session s1 (./dbg) started
New process p1 (program dbg) created
p1.1 SUSPENDED  [D main in dbg.d]
78:  main(string[] args)
dbg> list 175
Source listing for thread p1.1, program dbg
175:      if (srcpath !is null)
176:          dv_dbgSrcpath(srcpath);
177:      if (sympath !is null)
178:          dv_dbgSympath(sympath);
179:      auto cmd = new Command(uiType);
180:      cmd.rc_exec(GLOBAL_DBGRC_FILE);
181:      if (dbgrc is null)
182:      {
183:          dbgrc = homedir ~ "/" ~ DBGRC_FILE;
184:          cmd.rc_exec(dbgrc);    // home dir dbgrc
dbg> run -u 179
p1.1 SUSPENDED  [D main in dbg.d]
179:      auto cmd = new Command(uiType);
dbg> step -o
p1.1 STEPPED  [D main in dbg.d]
180:      cmd.rc_exec(GLOBAL_DBGRC_FILE);
dbg> help
Run help on the following topics to get additional help.
Start & Stop:
    create, grab, quit, release, %follow, %srcpath, %sympath
    halt, jump, kill, run, step, wait, %thread
    events, onstop, signal, stop, syscall, %lastevent, %thisevent
View or Modify:
dump, list, maps, print, regs, set, stack, status, symbols, vars, which %dbg_lang, %file, %frame, %func, %lang, %line, %list_file, %list_line,
    %loc, %num_lines
!, alias, help, logoff, logon, script, %cwd, %logfile, %log_prefix,
    %prompt, %result, %verbose

For a full list of help topics, run "help toc".
dbg> help create
create [-f <follow>] [-l] [-s <srcpath>] [-S <sympath>] [<shell_cmd_string>]
Create a new debugging session for <shell_cmd_string>. The existing debug sessions are not affected by this command. One could simultaneously have multiple debug sessions. If <shell_cmd_string> is not specified, the <shell_cmd_string> from previous create command is used and the previous create session is destroyed. After the session is created, this command
    runs all the processes till their 'start' function.
    -f    follow 'prog', 'proc', 'thread' or 'all' or 'none'
-l load only; do not run new program / thread till its 'start' function
    -s    paths for source files
    -S    paths for debug symbol files
It is not possible to redirect or pipe the output of create command.
    create test_prog1 arg1 arg2 2>/tmp/prog1.err | test_prog2
# creates a new debug session for test_prog1 and test_prog2
    create MANPAGER=more man 1p man
    create xterm -e ./cmd
events, quit, kill, release, run, shell_cmd_string, status, step %dbg_follow, %dbg_srcpath, %dbg_sympath, %follow, %srcpath, %sympath

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