New DCD and DScanner betas are ready for testing. The tags can be found here:

DCD Changes:
* Uptake new lexer/parser/ast code from DScanner
* Add new --symbolLocation switch that instructs the server to return the
  declaration location of the symbol at the cursor
* Add new --doc switch that instructs the server to return any documentation
  comments associated with the symbol at the cursor
* Fixed #89: Template declarations not included in autocomplete
* Fixed #88: Fully qualified names not working
* Fixed #82: Unable to generate calltips for methods called on variables
* Fixed #79: Unable to build with both DMD and GDC
* Fixed #75: Vim plugin doesn't work?

DScanner changes:
* Now actually tagged with version numbers!
* Implemented experimental --styleCheck option that will run some basic
  static analysis checks on the files provided.
** Warns when opCmp, toHash, toString, and opEquals are not const
** Warns on implicit concatenation of string literals
** Warns on catching the base exception types (i.e Exception, Throwable, etc)
** Warns when the deprecated floating-point operators are used
** Warns when the deprecated "delete" keyword is used
** Warns when large enum constants such as array literals are created. ** Warns when using old-style alias declarations (i.e. alias type identifier
   instead of alias identifier = type)
** Warns when using deprecated complex number literals.
** Warns on empty statements (i.e. spare semicolons)
** Warns when using large number literals without underscores
** Warns on violations of the Phobos naming conventions (e.g. mixed case
   package names, lowercase class names, etc)
* Fixed many issues in the parser
* Fixed issues with the AST dump not correctly printing several expression node
* Rewrote lexer, parser, and AST code. The new lexer generator should be ready
  for another Phobos review very soon.

About DCD:

DCD is the D Completion Daemon, a text editor and IDE-neutral autocompletion engine for the D programming language. DCD has plugins for several editors such as Textadept, Kate, Vim, Emacs, Zeus, and Sublime Text 3.

About DScanner:

DScanner is a Swiss army knife for D source code. It can perform various tasks such as
* Source line of code counting
* Import listing
* HTML syntax highlighting
* Syntax checking
* Some basic static analysis
* Generating CTAGS
* Generating an outline of a D file
* Dumping the AST of a D file into an XML file.

P.S. Only the Textadept module has support for the new --symbolLocation and --doc switches. If you're one of the excellent people who wrote one of the other plugins, I'd appreciate your help adding support for these features to your favorite editor before a non-beta release is tagged.

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