Following are the changes incorporated since beta 2:

    Issue 10133 - ICE for templated static conditional lambda
Issue 11993 - typeof(this) in constraint of member function template should reflect method qualifier
    Issue 11447 - Closure provide bogus values
    Issue 12016 - implicit immutable upcast becomes null in CTFE
    Issue 12008 - alias this and "unable to resolve forward reference"
    Issue 12023 - template mixin fails within template class
    Issue 12037 - Link-failure with std.numeric.CustomFloat
    Issue 12038 - alias this and &this cause ICE
    Issue 12017 - DDoc leaves out the majority of documentation
Issue 12040 - Compiler segfault with circular reference in variable type

    Issue 12024 - template instantiation for swap(SysTime, SysTime) fails
    Issue 11973 - Please use any instead

    Pull 45 - add alternative download for dmd.${Version2}.zip
    Pull 52 - disable Audio and USB in VirtualBox
    Pull 51 - use lib64 for phobo64.lib and gcstub64.obj on Windows
    Pull 50 - only copy explicitly listed files from phobos
    Pull 49 - Improved build automation using Vagrant
    Pull 46 - fix deb copyright typo
    Pull 48 - Update deb/rpm to new dmd versioning scheme.

Binaries have been published:

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