On 03.02.2014 19:54, evilrat wrote:
On Monday, 3 February 2014 at 18:37:20 UTC, Andrew Edwards wrote:
Windows users, please give the new installer a try. It has been
updated to facilitate proper installation.

vc2013/win 8.1/winsdk 8.1
detects visual studio correctly, path to win sdk correctly.

has wrong path to mspdb120.dll, current:
should be:

There is an unfortunate collision with the search paths for 64-bit and 32-bit linker:

1. If you let the installer patch sc.ini to use the latest VS installation, it will use the 64-bit linker, and the settings are ok

2. If the installer does patch sc.ini or if you just use the zip-distribution, the 32-bit linker is the default as it has the same installation path for all supported versions of VS.

I guess we could always add the line


after the VS version specific lines.

has no path to libs dir for sdk 8.1, should be:
; Platform libraries (Windows SDK 8.1)

According to commit log, this has been taking care of.

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