On Saturday, 15 February 2014 at 04:55:32 UTC, 1100110 wrote:
Then what I actually want is for -betterC to be cleaned up and renamed (and Documented!)

BTW I did *not* actually use -betterC for my minimal.zip. I've been playing with it a bit recently to make an even more minimal thing, but I'm fairly happy with how the first try turned out: it runs on bare (x86) metal and the test binary is < 30 KB in size. That's really not too bad: most the language works and some of the parts that don't can be fixed for small cost too.

Up from the 5 KB I have going with the -betterC thing and my TypeInfo patches locally (or the 3 KB with no runtime at all, but that means no structs either which massively sucks) but 30 KB isn't really that large and IMO the other parts of the language are worth it. Classes and exceptions are cool.

2) module constructors and destructors (silent failure)

What we should get is RTInfo for modules. Why? Then you can have a library module scan the modules for static ctor/dtors and issue a static assert failure. No compiler switch needed, we can do custom project rules. Works in regular D too, totally awesome.

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