On 2/16/14, 10:55 PM, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:

Walter and I are hard at work on reviewing DConf 2014 submissions.

We'd like to thank all of you who have submitted. There is not even one
submission that we found sub-par or unacceptable.

That said, the sheer numbers force us to make hard decisions. Although
each and every talk is of interest to the community, simple math tells
us the acceptance rate will be under 50%.

So we'd like to thank all of our submitters and congratulate them for a
great job. Please bear with us as we'll need to turn down about half of


You could put a section called "Lightning Talks" that last for about as long as you want (between half an hour and an hour is good), giving each participant 5 minutes to talk about their stuff. At least in the lasts RubyConf Argentina and Uruguay they had them.

It's not much time, but:

1. It gives those who couldn't talk for more time at least 5 minutes to show what they are working on. 2. It allows them to show links, so that interested people can later follow their work. 3. It's a fun section of a conference because its fast-paced and the audience get to learn about many projects in a very short time.

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