On Monday, 17 February 2014 at 21:28:24 UTC, John Carter wrote:
At various academic conferences I have attended they have had "Poster Sessions" where instead of a formal stand up and talk people put up A0

The submitter then can stand around to field questions and deeper
discussion from those interested.

Although A0 paper is a bit Old Worlde in this age. Maybe a bunch of screens to websites containing the "Poster" and slots when you can come around
(physically or online) and chat to the author.

Back in 2012 I attended CITRENZ conference and won the best student post award. It was in the format of an interactive poster. In other words I had a screen with the actual poster (digital form) as well as a mini presentation where by I was demonstrating brain computer interface (BCI) technology and explaining its significance.

Other posters were actually in paper form. I believe it was A0. Not all were part of the competition. A lot were for pre paper demonstration of research.

Something like this would be rather neat to have. That way those who can't be there or cannot do a talk, can present something without taking up much time.

Many a talk I have been to would have seemed a lot better as a poster than
a hour of my life.

I doubly like this ideas as, alas, I will not be able to attend DConf, but
will gladly read online every poster submitted.

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