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> Last year, at the conference, after the sessions everyone met up at the
> Aloft hotel near Facebook's HQ to have passionate and fruitful discussions
> about D and I think a lot of good came out of it.
> As someone who was NOT staying at Aloft (and who was fortunate enough to
> have a speaker taxiing me around, thanks Ali!), I made it a point to try
> and stay this year at the location that would allow me to engage in the
> discussions and just be able to walk to my bed (I was in no shape to drive
> at least one of those nights, thanks again Ali!).
> I know that Andrei is now living in the area, and he was the one who
> picked Aloft. I'm assuming Andrei's house is likely not the new location ;)
> Where is the "hot spot" this year going to be? I want to book soon :)

Yeah, it was definitely worth staying at the Aloft. I had the feeling last
year that it might have been better to make the 'in' spot on the other side
of the bay though... people can potentially walk/ride if it's closer to
town/transport/trains. Aloft was a bit inconvenient for any without cars
and not staying at Aloft.

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