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Looks like we need to do something about this:


At a minimum, add it to the changelog. Or possibly remove that change.

Answering some of your comments here:

Q: If the project fails to compile or run, who is responsible for debugging it

A: Preferably we have some way to run a bunch of projects as part of the test suite. Developers sign up their projects if they want to participate. If a build fails the developer gets a notification. The developer is responsible for debugging. If a project has successfully passed the 10 latest releases but the 11th fails I think the DMD/Phobos developers could have a quick look to see if it's something obvious.

Q: Individual projects tend to stick with particular subsets of the language. They may be large code bases, but likely exercise relatively small parts of the language, and so their successful compilation is not very indicative of much.

A: That's not entirely true. I can tell you that DMD has broken DWT, one way or another, for, at least, the 10 latest releases.

/Jacob Carlborg

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