New betas are available for both tools. Hopefully no more bugs will be found. I plan to tag these as non-beta this Saturday.

D-Scanner changes:
* #92: Windows batch file not in sync with posix build script
* Various DDoc fixes
* Fixed various static analysis checks
* Removed some files that should not have been checked in
* #97: DDoc fix
* #98: Fixed typos
* #101: Fix bug in token identifier generation
* #102: Update lexer API
* #104: Fix TokenID implementation
* #105: Emit warning for deprecated base class protection syntax
* #106: Add linkage attribute parsing support to alias declarations
* #107: Clean up the lexer generator API
* #108: D-Scanner is now on dub!
* #111: New static analysis rule warns about dead foreach loops
* #112: Fixed issue causing AST output to be incorrect for left-associative expressions
* #113: Fixed segfault in dead foreach loop detection
* #115: Fixed parser issue that caused the "low" member of a case range statement AST node to not be set * #116: "version = foo;" is now treated as a declaration and not a statement
* #118: Allow function attributes in lambda expression
* #119: Allow typeof expression in template mixin
* #120: Check for constructor args in new anon class expression
* Fixed an issue causing stdx.lexer to fail if no "possibleDefaultTokens" were supplied * #121: Fixed issue causing struct member initializers to not be stored
* #122: Distinguish between conditional declaration and statement
* Enhanced lexer string interning to be lock-free
* Parser can now use allocators from std.allocator
* #130: Static analysis checks are now run in parallel
* Attach doc comments to alias declarations
* Fix static analysis crash caused by number literals with suffixes * #139: Fixed lexer issue with named character entities in character literals
* #138: Parser now supports opCall-style syntax on types

DCD changes:
* #103: "object" is now always added to the internal list of imported modules. Aliases like "string" now work as expected without import statements.
* #104: Vim plugin enhancements
* #105: Server crash on non-existant import paths
* #107: .classinfo is no longer shown in autocomplete lists for structs
* #108: Drastic performance improvements
* DDoc and refactoring work
* Updated list of __traits for 2.065 compiler release
* Update to D-Scanner 0.1.0-beta3 to get various lexer, parser, and AST fixes

Thanks to the various people who have contributed to these projects:

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