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If the compiler is going to be converted to the D language (how is that progressing?), it'd probably be better to merge before that, otherwise it'll be a lot of work to port all those changes.

The converter can convert git master, compile it with git master, and pass the full test suite + phobos on linux32/linux64/win32. If someone wants to give me access to an OSX box I'll get it working there too.

The main problem with these patches is their use of #if in places where D's version blocks don't work. These will all need to be fixed before it is merged, as I've done for the rest of the frontend.

I'm happy to help anyone set up the converter - contact me here/by email/on github.

It should be as simple as
1. Build dmd master
2. git clone g...@github.com:yebblies/magicport2.git
3. Fix paths if you have a different layout than I do
4. make

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