W dniu 2014-03-17 15:05, Johannes Pfau pisze:
I'm happy to announce the first GDC ARM beta on behalf of the GDC
team :)

ARM support is now at a point where the automated tests (test suite,
unit tests) pass and we're ready for feedback from real world usage.
All changes have been fully integrated into the standard GDC sources
which also means we're currently using the 2.064 frontend. ARM support
is currently limited to ARM/GNU Linux, i.e. GlibC. (This especially
means Android and bare metal programming are not officially supported).

Please report all bugs to

If you're sure that the bug is a bug in phobos/druntime/DMD frontend
and not GDC specific please report it to

Many thanks for Johannes, GDC team and others involved. You did a great job! I'm already using GDC ARM compiler with good results.

Btw. to anyone interested: To ensure stability of further development, we need an ARM/Linux auto tester. If anyone is willing to host an ARM box, please contact me by email (my Internet connection is not 100% reliable).

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