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I got an itch recently and started to port my favorite game from ABA Games[1] to 2014: gunroar[1]. Currently, it has been ported to using Derelict3 rather than Kenta Cho's manual wrapping of SDL and OpenGL. It now uses SDL2 and D2 rather than the (apparently) very ancient dialect of D it used back in 2005.

When first starting out, the first problem was getting the code to build. I'm a CMake guy, and after looking around, I was…unsatisfied with the D support files I found (for various reasons). They all seemed to copy the C++ support files too closely which seemed unnecessary since dmd, ldc, and gdc are much closer to each other than many of the C++ compilers. They also all seem to have come from the scream make era when commands were in all caps, copied things around without realizing what they're there for (e.g., CMakeCompilerId.d.in is copied by most of them, but used by none and CMakeDCompilerABI.d is useless since what CMake looks for (compiled-in strings) isn't in the file), and were missing support for things like DEPFILE and such for proper dependency resolution. In this process, two patches were made that should help: one for Ninja[3] if LDC is used and one for CMake[4] so that you get proper recompilation when files change (other generators are not supported yet since I don't think anything else reads the -deps file format of LDC; GDC will work as-is since it's GCC-compatible here). Even without these patches, one-off builds will be correct, but incremental builds are not guaranteed.

After that was the fun of getting LDC to actually accept the code. Luckily its errors are helpful even for initiates to D (the only other time I've done things with D is poking the source of various ABA Games years ago also trying to get them to compile on Linux with mixed results). Other than issues with replacing the deprecated glu* function usages, (most) things work on my machine (Fedora x86_64). I'd be interested to know how things work on other platforms and setups.

Ultimately, I'd like to get some of these games on my tablet, so Android support is on the table (though help would be appreciated!). I've opened some issues for things on the repository already.

(The other ABA Games I'm interested in are Mu-cade and Torus Troopers, so those are on my list as well.)


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