On 04/15/2014 08:51 AM, Robert Schadek wrote:
Lately I had to write some sqlite3 code in D. And I really hated writing
it. So I wrote me some CTFE generator for it. It uses all the fun UDA,
CTFE string mixin template magic, we all love. The generated code is as
fast as the hand written one. I wrote some of it down.
http://rburners.tumblr.com/ The article also holds a link to the
source/benchmark. Maybe this is to some interest to other people as well.

Best Regards

p.s. PRs and corrections welcome

Here is my non-technical input. :) Typos:

snipped -> snippet (Also, there shouldn't be any comma in that sentence.)

simular -> similar

Than it -> Then it

by a @ -> by an @ (not sure about that one)

an decleration -> a declaration

associcated -> associate

all it UDAs -> all its UDAs

table creating -> table create

iteratable -> iterable

not to difficult as well -> not too difficult either

I wound ->  I won't

C++ Version -> C++ version

I test dmd -> I tested dmd

datebase -> database

feel to create -> feel free to create

request to for -> request for

it seams, that most time -> it seems that most of the time

spend -> spent

ldc, because -> ldc because

joins seam -> joins seem

Become SQL -> Make SQL


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