On Thursday, 8 May 2014 at 20:51:17 UTC, Sönke Ludwig wrote:
Am 08.05.2014 21:41, schrieb Nick Sabalausky:
(...)my trackpad's scrolling gestures
don't even fucking work on it (they work fine on nearly anything else).

To be fair, some time ago I've had the joy to try and properly support scrolling gestures properly for my UI framework and I wound up naming the window class of my windows "OperaWindowClass", because that triggers a special case path in the touchpad driver, which actually sends useful window messages. I didn't find another way to get useful data. The whole (Synaptics) driver is obviously nothing but a crapload of special case junk to make the most popular applications and controls work, because the people involved obviously don't manage to develop a standard API for pixel perfect scrolling.

Now that was a surprise! I just could not understand why I
receive WM_MOUSEWHEEL only with 120 as Delta, but Internet
Explorer receives fine grained (ex. 24). Seting the window class
name as you said, 'solves' indeed the problem!

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