On Thursday, 8 May 2014 at 06:49:40 UTC, Stef Kariotidis wrote:
I have one question, is there by chance a way to extend Tk in D in order to create a grid like widget (excel, winforms grid view look alike)?

If yes any hints would be much appreciated. IMHO, two widgets are missing in Tk-Tkinter a grid as mentioned above and a web view.

These widgets are not supported in Tcl/Tk by itself but could be added at any time. The Tkinter ones (and there is many) are community written using Tkinter (in Python), Tcl or as C extensions. I guess we could do the same if there is enough demand.

Tkd is not meant to be an all singing all dancing GUI toolkit (such as Gtk or Qt) but rather a simple toolkit for simple UI's. If you need something built quickly with a simple UI (a prototype perhaps) use Tkd. If you're building the next Steam or Spotify use Qt/Gtk.

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