Hi everyone,

I’m super excited to be able to announce that the Dash game engine[1] is finally stable and ready for public use! I’m currently the Lead Engine Programmer at Circular Studios[2] (the group behind Dash). We had 14 people working on the team, 6 engine programmers and 8 game developers creating Spectral Robot Task Force, a turn-based strategy game built with Dash.

Dash is an OpenGL engine written in the D language that runs on both Windows and Linux. We use a deferred-rendering model in the current pipeline, and a component model for game development and logic. Other major features at the moment include networking, skeletal-animation support, content and configuration loading via YAML, and UI support through Awesomium[3] (though we are in the process of moving over to using CEF[4] itself).

Our vision for Dash is to have the programmer-facing model of XNA/Monogame combined with the designer-friendliness of Unity in a fully free and open source engine. We also hope that Dash can help to prove the power and maturity of D as a language, as well as push D to continue improving.

We’re open to any feedback you may have, or better yet, we’d love to see pull requests for improvements.

[1] https://github.com/Circular-Studios/Dash
[2] http://circularstudios.com/
[3] http://awesomium.com/
[4] https://code.google.com/p/chromiumembedded/

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