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this is it. i think i can't continue on this one anymore, nor do i have time, nor passion. i've made a lot of work and meet (almost) no interest. i will be stay in contact, so any pull request will not be lost, but i think this is my last commit to it. i have encountered lot of obstacles such as UFCS on classes, which makes impossible seamless migration of user code from C++ to D(no, that wasnt real purpose but for me it is important point). i may return later, let say in a year or two when D will be more complete and usable, but for now i take my leave. please take my apologies if one really used this bindings or have high hopes on it.

I think it would appropriate at this point to note that Aurora is currently hosting bindings for DirectX and will continue to maintain DirectX bindings for a the foreseeable future. DirectX 12 bindings will be provided once they become available.

So if you need current and maintained bindings for DirectX you can find them on GitHub here:

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