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??? C, C++, and D all have multi-dimensional arrays. e.g.

    int a[5][6]; // C/C++
    int[6][5] a; // D
    int** a;     // C/C++
    int[][] a;   // D
    int* a[5];   // C/C++
    int[5][] a;  // D

I don't see how you could argue that they don't have multi-dimensional arrays.

I'd guess he's contrasting with the semantics offered by array-oriented languages. For example, can you determine the rank of those arrays programmatically in constant time? Does the type system understand the shape, and can it be reshaped trivially? Does an operator or function expecting rank n automatically lift to higher ranks? That sort of stuff.

Maybe D does something I haven't learned about (yet) in that area, but I know C and C++ do not (hence the heap corruption I've been hunting all week).


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