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>>   > I don't see how you could argue that they don't have
>> multi-dimensional arrays.
>> Their specs don't have such a thing. It is possible to have arrays
>> where elements are arrays but that does not make those concepts
>> language constructs.
> And how as an array of arrays _not_ a multi-dimensional array? As far as I can
> tell, they're exactly the same thing just phrased differently.

It is not a multi-dimensional array from the point of view of the language spec. There is no such thing. Although, I agree that it exists as a concept and in human speech.

What you seem to expect from the language is the acceptance of the concept of multi-dimensional array as a first-class language construct. You want the language to have a special multi-dimensional array declaration syntax.

What I am saying is that since there is no such language construct, coming up with a special syntax just to satisfy some of the users would be an inconsistency in the language, which contradicts what everybody is looking for (Scott, you, be, etc. :) )

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